quoteTony Troy, what can I say:

His artistic talent along with his experience made building our Lake Helen dream house exciting. From the start Tony saw the potential for our beautiful lake lot and the pictures tell the story. We love it! Everything asked for was done perfectly by the best people working together to make our dreams come true. Would we do it again? Are you kidding? Look at this house.quote

Thanks so much,

Joe and Linda Hammett
155 North Lakeview Drive and 289 Garden Street
Lake Helen, FL 32744

P.S. Oh, did I forget to mention we bought a “Troy” house 9 years ago. We Love it too! Guess that was just the beginning.

quoteTony, wanted to give you a recap of my feelings about the buildings you constructed at our property at 450 Chalker Lane in Lake Helen. All work was done per the plans and to my approval. I think these type of buildings make a lot of sense for our usage and the parking area for our vehicles turned out more roomy and easy to access. Thanks for finishing on time and on budget.quote


Jeff Kemp
450 Chalker Lane
Lake Helen, FL 32744

My name is Elizabeth Mastrangelo and I live in a house that "Tony Built". Tony Troy that is. I would just like to take a moment to express my feelings about the work that was performed and the connection between builder and buildee, if that's what you call me.

When I first met Tony I thought what a nice, gentle man. The more I had to work with him I found out he is more than that. He took many hours helping me with extra things I needed and always did it with a smile. His wife, June, was also there to help with some decisions I had to make. He kept on top of all the work being done and when ever there was a way to save me money, he suggested it. He was always available to talk to which I found very reassuring. He was extremely fair in his pricing and took the time to explain things. He was also very patient because in my case we had run into some problems taking up extra months to get started.

Now for the house he built. I have had zero problems in the last 3 and a half years. So there is not much to say about that. The quality of home he builds is Tops! There has not been a single person who comes here who has not admired the workmanship. So to end this I can only say, it was a pleasure having this home built.  And this is the 5th home I have built.quote

Thank you,

Elizabeth Mastrangelo
Lake Helen, FL 32744

quoteI had Tony Troy build my dream home which is located in Lake Helen. He and his design team, designed and built me a beautiful, unique, quality custom home! I am thrilled with it. I have had so many people ask me to see my house. It is absolutely beautiful! I have lived there over a year and a half, and do not have any maintenance issues. Its truly one of a kind. The price that I paid was below two other estimates that I received and the quality is a lot higher. I would not have any one else build my house, if I was to build again. My house was built energy efficient and green, and low maintenance. My electric bills have never been so low! Troy Building Company’s design team were amazing. They added so many unique and beautiful details to my house.quote

Lora L.
250 Garden Street
Lake Helen, FL 32744